Rashaunda Harrell


Bride & Groom

Anthony & Rashaunda Harrell

Wedding Date

July 16th 2011

Wedding Location

Arden Hills Resort & Spa (The Heritage Room) www.ardenhills.net


Christopher Kight www.kightphoto.com 

How did you meet your husband?

They say with death comes new life in our case it came with new love. Anthony and I met at a funeral. We exchanged a few words in passing that day but that was it. From that moment we both felt as if we know we had to have the other one in our lives forever. A few weeks later we crossed paths again in a crowded nightclub were we then exchanged phone numbers. Since that day Anthony & I have been inseparable. We have been with one another during some hard times but many joyful occasions as well.

Tell us about your wedding dress.

My wedding dress came form David’s Bridal. I was determined to have my wedding colors included in my wedding dress, so I know my search would be hard and long. I started looking at David’s Bridal and took lots of pictures but continued to look around still taking lots of photos after four dress shops. I looked over all the photos and still fell in love with the first dress I chose from David Bridal.


How was your experience with Behind the Scene Sounds?

It was wonderful!! Anthony and I wanted to party all night long and Behind the Scene Sounds made sure that happened. Btssounds helped make our wedding day, OURS. With special touches, such as our voice over for the first dance & my father daughter dance the lights and lastly the monogram all amazing.

What did you like most about working with Behind the Scene Sounds?

I enjoyed the fact Behind the Scene Sounds listened to what  Anthony & I wanted on our day. My guess loved the games we played and the fact they were able to receive the center pieces and sound track of the wedding. It truly was the Best night of our lives.


What did you like most about your wedding?

I would have to say the fact my wedding day was a dream comes true all-round. From marring my best friend, to the details of the event coming out the way I wanted them. Lastly, the fact that we had the love and support of more than 260 members of family & friends.


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  1. Felicia Says:

    May God continue to bless your beautiful union.

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