Katherine Schneider

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Bride & Groom

Dan & Katherine Schneider

Wedding Date

October 26th 2012

Wedding Location

Enotria Restaurant Wine Bar


Jessica LoCicero

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How did you and your husband meet?

We met on eHarmony.com, and our official first date was to meet for coffee at Starbucks on 10/26/07. After talking effortlessly for over an hour he asked me what I was doing later that night. I said “Why, I am going out with you”. We got married five years to the day on 10/26/12. Now, every time we drive by that Starbucks on the corner of 16th and P we refer to it as “The scene of the crime”. 

Tell us about your dress.

It was custom made off of pictures I found of two Mori Lee dresses in one of my wedding magazines…  My seamstress is a true miracle worker!  I am a second time bride over fifty and did not think a white dress was appropriate.  Silver satin was what I chose. I am donating the dress to an organization that gives wedding dresses to military brides who cannot afford an expensive dress. It meant a lot to me because my oldest daughter and son in law are in the military.


How was your experience at Behind the Scene Sounds?

We totally loved it, Elizabeth and Derwin were on top of everything. They worked with our venue (Enotria) to keep everything happening on time for the ceremony. Once the reception started they kept everyone dancing and having fun. Everyone raved about the kissing game and the key game which was a total surprise to me. Dan loved being surrounded by all the women with keys (and a few men). It was just really lovely.

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What did you like most about working with Behind the Scene Sounds?

All of the flexibility they gave us in the planning, they helped us in picking music for each part of the evening. Helped us pick out all the  lighting and just made the whole day seem effortless. This was so appreciated as I was pretty stressed out by the time the big day arrived. It was just a great party, which was all we really wanted. We did not want it to feel like a wedding, but more of just a really great party where everyone could have fun and cut lose.

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What did you like most about your wedding?

It was just a perfect day with the people we love most in this world. Just fun and spontaneous feeling, not so stuffy.

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