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Nicole Escobedo

March 12, 2013


Bride & Groom

Louie & Nicole Escobedo

Wedding Date

September 22nd 2012

Wedding location

Hines Building Garden Terrace


Jessica LoCicero



How did you meet your husband?

I decided to move  from Elk Grove to Fresno in 2006. In January 2007 I met Louie….we found commonality immediately, but the basis of our friendship (and more thereafter) was the fact that were both loved the TV show FRIENDS. Within days we became inseparable, hanging out at each other’s houses, watching old seasons of FRIENDS, eating microwaved minute rice and even helping each other with homework. After a few months in Fresno I decided to attend Chico State. Even though we were four hours apart, Louie and I found ways to keep in contact whether it was over a simple text or the more common late night phone chat.  We got to see each other more when Louie’s parents moved to Sacramento and once again our houses were just minutes apart.

it happened in a castle!…well kinda

In 2008 we turned 21!  Even though we still went to college in different cities, we would regularly meet up when we came home for all major holidays. We met at Red Robin in Yuba City for my birthday in August, and I was more excited than normal to see him. When I got home my roommates commented on how giddy I was, but I couldn’t really put my finger on why. Louie mentioned going to Las Vegas for his 21st birthday that October, and if you know Louie he umm how to put it…throws invites out rather loosely?! But when he told me the dates and said we will share a room at the Excalibur, I knew he was actually serious so I booked my flight that night! I just had a strange feeling this trip was going to quite memorable, and I kinda think he did too. I LOVE it when I am right! Within four hours of being in Vegas we finally realized and verbalized these feelings we had both been keeping suppressed. While we had no idea how and if it would work once we left Vegas (being 4 hours apart and a year and half away from graduation) we gave it a try. It was not the easiest year and a half, but we learned so many important things about ourselves and each other and realized we really could not and did not want to be without each other!

After college we both moved to Sacramento, where we could finally be a couple who got to see each other every day! And that we did! I went to Sacramento State and earned my teaching credential and he started working in banking.

In September 2011 after we both got “real jobs” we decided to buy a house! I just love waking up next to my best friend everyday! Less than two months later we became engaged and here we are now…

The Proposal to our

Happily Ever After

If you know Louie, then you know he had this day planned out to perfection. Only things had to change. Papa (my grandpa) was given a week to live, so my family was leaving to be there by his side Wednesday December 14th.

Over the past few months, in many different ways Papa had asked me if I was doing my “finger exercises”, at first I had no idea where he was going with this! He instructed me to start doing them to insure I had the strength for the big ring Louie was going to put on my finger!

While I had come to grips with Papa not being able to make it to my wedding, (having no clue a proposal was right around the corner), I wished that he knew the finger work-outs paid off and my finger was strong enough for the ring!

Louie knew how important this was to me, so he changed the plans he had to make sure Papa would know we were getting married. Thus he proposed the night of December 13th. And I must say, with only four days of preparation, it was perfect! He even managed to ask my parents 🙂 As you can imagine I was completely shocked and so excited! In fact I asked, “do I get to keep it?!”

After numerous attempts of trying to tell Papa, he finally knew that there was going to be a wedding! In fact the day before he passed away, he envisioned that he was getting ready for the wedding, demanding that my grandma hurry up so he wouldn’t be late!

Louie will never know just how much it meant to me that I got to tell him. I love him even more for his timing. I am such a lucky girl!

Tell us about your dress.

Much to my surprise I found my dress at David’s Bridal! I was very much against even going in for a fitting there because it just seems that everyone gets their dress there and I wanted mine to be one of a kind! After a few wedding boutique shops in the Sacramento area, I decided to make an appointment (those coupons at the bridal expo actually do attract customers!). It was the second dress I tried on there. I didn’t exactly have that moment where I just knew that was my dress. But looking back I totally did! I just didn’t want to admit it because I didn’t want to get it from there. Superficial I know. It fit me so well and I got amazing compliments about it. I let the dress speak for itself and accessorized with only earrings. I love going in our guest room and just stare at it and even try it on when I am home alone! SO glad I got over the materialistic aspect of it.


How was your experience with Behind the Scene Sounds?

Amazing doesn’t begin to sum up this experience. In fact Dee and Elizabeth were the only vendors my husband wanted to meet with and be a part of! All the other vendors I had to drag (ask) him to come with me. We chose to play primarily modern country music at our reception and they were so on board! They downloaded, customized, and mixed the songs that we wanted, and they made them all fit! They had another wedding a few hours before ours and you would have never known. They made a smooth transition to our site on time and so prepared. Their organization worked perfectly with mine and I walked away from our last planning meeting happy. They allow many consultation with a clear vision of how the day should be ran. I had no doubt in my mind that they would make this a perfect day no matter what. In a market where all most vendors want to make money and produce a cookie cutter wedding, there personalized services was a breath of fresh air.

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What did you like most about working Behind the Scene Sounds?

The history of wedding traditions was the most interesting thing I learned from these two! I had no clue that every ritual that is common at a wedding ceremony has or had a purpose. My groom was worried about certain traditions, but after he heard the origin and meaning of it he embraced it. Another thing sorry I can’t help myself was their honest desire to make my wedding day perfect. They really wanted to get to know us as a couple and cared about every aspect of the day, not just the DJ/entertaining part of it. Dee came and checked on my husband and me just to make sure we didn’t need another drink, just so thoughtful and thorough! I don’t want to give too much away but they have a touching surprise during the reception as well that I just loved! They make such an awesome team!

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What did you like most about your wedding?

I loved our location and our attention to detail equally the most. There were a few things I knew I wanted and no wedding venue would allow me to have those things. I wanted our wedding to capture our relationship and who we are as individuals and a couple which included serving our favorite dish and signature drink.  All of those things combined were extremely hard to find. So I went out and called every high rise building in downtown Sacramento to look for an unfinished floor in a building or an outdoor terrace since we love city life.  After we decided against destination weddings in both San Francisco and New York.  And I happened to find one! Now let me be honest up front…it was a lot of work especially set up and tear down. But it was unique and special and all about Louie and me and well worth it. Luckily we had a great wedding planner and family friends to help out. We even held our rehearsal dinner there the night before, and of course BTS was there to run the rehearsal and play music for us all night. The building is about 3 minutes from our house and every time we drive by I am just so proud of how beautifully transformed it was. Everything was done there and it is a special place for us now.

On the plus side: we were able to save a lot of money as well since we had the flexibility to choose every single one of our vendors.

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