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Jazman Allen

September 10, 2012


Bride & Groom

Jazman & Jerald Allen

Wedding Date

July 14th 2012

Wedding Location

Arden Hills Resort & Spa


Lixxim Photography


How did you and your husband meet?

My husband and I became acquainted as friends online. We were friends for 4 years before our friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship ordained by God.

Tell us about your wedding dress.

My wedding dress was from the Alfred Angelo Disney Couture collection. The dress was inspired by Belle’s dress in Beauty and the Beast. It is a whimsical corseted bodice with a lace-up back ball gown adorned with Swarovski crystals and intricate beading. I immediately fell in love with the dress before even trying it on. Once I tried on the dress I knew that no other would be as perfect as that dress. It picturesquely captures the essence of fairytale beauty infused with timeless romantic charm.

How was your experience with Behind the Scene Sounds?

Working with Behind the Scene Sounds was absolutely more than we could have EVER imagined. They have set the standard for DJ’s around the world! Our experience was nothing less than superb. From the moment we began planning our wedding they were there to help guide us through our journey. It was such a pleasure to work with Derwin and Elizabeth because they are focused on what we wanted as a couple and bring our vision to life. Not only can we say that our fairytale dream was brought to life but it also far exceeded our expectations. The way they helped coordinate and orchestrate our wedding day was incredible. We could not have chosen a better suited couple than Derwin and Elizabeth. They brought so much class, charm, elegance, intimate ambiance, and fun to our event leaving memories to last beyond our lifetime. Our guests are still raving about how well our DJ’s were. Many have said that they were the best DJ’s they have ever seen and that our wedding will be hard to surpass. Such a high compliment is humbling and we know that we have BTS Sounds to thank for their contribution in making our wedding day unforgettable. Their level of professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to help past their job titles makes their services well above average. We do hope that we get to work with such a beautiful couple again in the future. This is truly company and couple of class, elegance, and humility.

What did you like most about working with Behind the Scene Sounds?

What we liked most about working with Behind the Scene Sounds was their commitment to excellence and raising the standard. We liked how they made us feel personal as if they were orchestrating this event for family and not just for patrons. Throughout this process they helped us with any and everything we needed, even if it was not in their job description. The candid moments that will never be forgotten were beautifully done by this couple. They are truly a rare find as a DJ/Lighting service and as a couple. We were definitely blessed to have them both share in our special day. They made our wedding much more easy, classic, and stunning!


What did you like most about your wedding?

My favorite part our wedding was the beginning to the end. From the broken zippers right before the ceremony to the final couple dance with us being surrounded by our family and friends. It is hard to pick just one moment to be a favorite when each part of the wedding was made memorable and intricately designed for each moment to be a favorite. If I had to choose I would say that our entire wedding day is what I liked most because it will forever be etched in my memory and engraved in my heart. Every single second was a “like most” moment that I can have to cherish for the rest of my entire life.

Danielle Harris

November 8, 2011


Bride & Groom

Danielle & Kevin Harris

Wedding Date

October 1st 2011

Wedding Location (reception)

Holiday Inn Express Elk Grove




How did you meet your husband?

We worked together at Parks and Recreation. I remember him on the day I went in for my interview. My first impression was he wasn’t a morning person. I think the first time he remembers meeting me was on my first day of work. He didn’t think I was too friendly because I wasn’t being to social because I was in training. Needless to say it’s not always the first impression that counts because it’s the last impression that is stamp on your heart forever! He became a great friend, then boyfriend, fiancé & husband, but most of all my soul mate.

Tell us about your dress.

After trying a whole bunch of dresses I finally found the one I felt most comfortable with and had a little bit of everything I like in each dress I tried on. I got it from David’s Bridal. I do suggest that all brides should bring a camera with them. The first time I went and tried on dresses I fell in love with this dress that was way over priced. However, it was my wedding day and when I went back I was prepared to pay the cost for the dress I like, that was until my mom busted out her camera and when I look at it thru the camera I hated it! So I highly recommend cameras. The dress I went with had everything I wanted. Buttons on the neck of the halter, sprinkles, a little lace. Since I’m a shoe girl I have to mention I didn’t go with the traditional white shoes (one because I never would wear a white shoe again), instead I went with Blue to match my bridemaid’s dresses and for my something blue. It turned out nice with the dress!

How was your experience at Behind the Scene Sounds?

It was amazing! They did an awesome job! They kept the party going! We wanted our reception to be up beat and exciting. We wanted it to be a party were we could final sit back relax and have fun. They provided just that. We were very impressed with the light show! They turned an ordinary room into magic. All the feedback we got in regards to our wonderful DJ was very positive. They all stated the DJ was a lot of fun and made the wedding special.


What did you like most about working with Behind the Scene Sounds?

There professionalism and there family friendly costumer service. We liked how they met with us a few times before the wedding to make sure they followed thru with what we wanted and didn’t want.

What did you like most about your wedding?

When I walked down the aisle and saw the impression on my husband face, when we said I do, and when we danced the night away in celebration. Really every moment was one I will always remember.